Sick Day Basket Idea for Kids!


Sick Day basket for Kids

It pretty much is inevitable that children will get the flu or a cold at some point in their lives. With all the lovely germs floating around at school, it is best to be prepared for when the time comes!

A special thank you goes out to Pfizer for providing products and sponsoring this post and giveaway. Opinions expressed are that of my own.

Children's Robitussin at Target

I happen to have 3 kids, so when one gets sick I immediately go into action and quarantine mode. I begin to treat and doctor my little ones so they can be on a speedy path to recovery and try to prevent anyone else from getting sick.

This is where Pfizer Products at Target as well as Sick Day Basket Idea for Kids comes in handy.

Children's Advil and Dimetapp at Target

Of course keeping little ones comfortable is important and if you visit the Cough/ Cold Relief section at your local Target, you will find products made specifically for your child’s needs.

You can begin to ease Fever, Aches, and Pains with Children’s Advil® for ages 2-11 years. Then there is Children’s Dimetapp® Cold & Cough’s for ages 6+ that treats stuffy runny noses, as well as sneezing, itchy watery eyes, and coughing. In addition, there is Day and Night cough relief in the form of Children’s Robitussin® DM Day/Night Pack (Children’s Robitussin® Cough & Chest Congestion and Children’s Robitussin® Nighttime Cough) for ages 6-12 years.

Pfizer Products for children at Target

Not only am I stocked up on the items to treat my children, this time I decided to be proactive and also put together a Sick Day Basket for my kids. This will keep them entertained and lift their spirits.

Thankfully Target has a great Dollar Area as well, where I was able to find a container as well as inexpensive goodies.  Plus, they had DVD’s that we had not seen marked down at the check out line.

Pfizer products for Kids at Target

My Sick Day Basket Idea for Kids ideas include:

A Small Reusable Container

DVDS (I also have a portable DVD player so they can stay in their rooms)

Lemon Drops to help soothe a Sore Throat



Special Socks (work great for applying vapor rub)

Colored Pens or Pencils

Small Tissue Packages

Sick Day basket for Kids made from Target Products

Now, I am not only ready for future sick days with medicine, but with something fun for my children.

Do you put together items for your kids to help pass the time when they are sick? Any other suggestions to help keep them entertained?

To learn more about Pfizer products for kids and to save up to $3.50 for a limited time visit Sick just got real.™. You can also see what is in store by visiting Pfizer at Target and check them out on Facebook at

Carlee @ LAAF

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  1. shelly peterson says
    I have never made a basket like this before. I usually just make them chicken noodle soup and they curl up with a cozy blanket and watch a movie, but this is a great idea.
  2. Cynthia Mercado says
    I don''t have a sick day kit. We do have things we do on sick days. Watch educational programs, color, read. teach how to take care of yourself during this type of sickness and definitely rest!
  3. no kit, we just play board games, cuddle, or watch movies
  4. chickie brewer says
    NO I don't put things together.. Although now, I do think this would be a good idea in the future.
  5. elizabeth miller says
    My daughter is pretty low key when she is sick. She usually just likes to lay and watch a movie, sleep, or read. She is one that is usually full of energy but if she is sick, she is sick.
  6. I usually keep it simple with tissues, movies, Gatorade, and books.
  7. elizabeth p says
    if my kids are sick we don't play or watch tv. your body needs rest and if you make sick days to fun it incentives more sick days.
  8. Emily R. says
    We don't have a sick day kit, but i always make sure they have their tablet to watch tv on while in bed on along with their lap tray for eating, reading, drawing, ect.
  9. xty cruz says
    Yes, I try to create some new games
  10. Allison S. says
    This is a really great idea. Might even make being sick feel like a fun thing.
  11. megan swearingen says
    No, I don't have a kit but one would be really nice to take to Grandma's house (since she is wonderful and helps watch them when they get sick).
  12. Jeanne Coulombe says
    No I never did just did lots and lots of cuddling time and kidses
  13. This is an awesome idea! When my grand kids are sick I take out the "sick bed" (pull out sofa) and it makes them feel special but, i'm sure this basket would be a great addition to their healing!
  14. I don't put together items but it's a great idea, and I will begin to do so.
  15. Brittney House says
    My kids love playing games when they are sick so we come together and have family game nights to take their minds off being sick.
  16. my kids are like me they like movies and sleep
  17. angela smith says
    Yes , Mine like to stay in the bed and get under tons of blankets and watch movies and just sweat it out
  18. Dawn Monroe says
    Yes! One of my favorite memories is my grandpa getting me sticker books when I was sick so now I do it for my grandkids.
  19. Debra Jensen says
    Ive never done this, but its a cute idea!
  20. I put together some movies and books.
  21. I don't have a pre-made basket of items, but when a little one is sick I usually gather items like coloring books, crayons, books, Play Doh, etc. to keep them entertained while they're in bed resting.
  22. My daughter likes to watch her favorite movies when she is sick and sometimes she colors.
  23. Yes, I put together a little basket and then also let my son watch Netflix. We like coloring books and washable markers, plus activity books when he is sick.
  24. natasha lamoreux says
    No I haven't in the past but I think its a great idea. It would be something to lift their spirits and make them feel a little better.
  25. Jessica Beard says
    I've never put together a basket, but I keep my child entertained with simple activities. We like to color and watch a movie or just snuggle.
  26. Mami2jcn says
    We have a Netflix bingefest.
  27. Kathy Hanley says
    I try to relax with them and watch some movies to keep them entertained. Popcorn always helps!
  28. Cheryl B says
    We play board games and I try to get a new movie to watch.
  29. Lori Walker says
    We get ready favorite movies and board games.
  30. Melissa C says
    You know what keeps my wee ones entertained when their sick a puppet show put on by mom and dad. We also color, watch cartoons and talk.
  31. Danielle Day says
    Watching movies are the general here.
  32. Casey Everidge says
    Disney Movies always cheers my kids up!!
  33. no, play games
  34. I have them watch movies or look at books.
  35. I keep a stash of their favorite coloring books, crayons and other art supplies on hand.
  36. Birdiebee says
    Just movies, coloring books, reading books and plenty of rest when the kids are sick.
  37. Danielle Magee says
    I watch my kids favorite movies when they are sick to try to comfort them.
  38. Jill Rivera says
    I put a reading book, coloring books, and movie basket.
  39. We do a lot of coloring.
  40. Tracy Heyer says
    Never done this before! This a cute idea!
  41. Jennifer Rogers says
    Pretty much whatever they ask for when they are sick! Coloring , Ipad games, and essential oils to help with congestion so they can rest!
  42. Angela Saver says
    I do not have a pre made basket, but I have a lot of coloring books, movies & paint sets for when they get sick! We usually spend a lot of time watching tv & playing games when they're not feeling well.
  43. susan smoaks says
    we just watch tv when the kids are sick. they don't get much screen time otherwise.
  44. Ava A Chavez says
    I generally don't, no....We usually just watch movies together on sick days.
  45. Steve Weber says
    Yes - chicken soup, Netflix, liquids, cold medicine and magazines.
  46. Stephanie Liske says
    I just always make sure they have soup, or tea, cough drops, maybe some sore throat spray, and coddle them.
  47. We never put together a basket, we cuddle and watch a good movie.
  48. We rest and then read books and watch tv
  49. My kids usually watch some movies while they are sick.
  50. Stephanie Larison says
    I've never put a basket together for her, we just cuddle up and do fun things together like play games to make her feel better.
  51. Kathy Pease says
    My kid loved to watch disney movies when they were sick
  52. Books to read, and books with puzzles that are relatively easy, are a wonderful accompaniment for someone ailing.
  53. Tricha Leary says
    No normally watch their favorite movies
  54. Bridget Calfee says
    Watching TV, Movies and books keep my little one happy when he is sick
  55. kelly grant says
    We let him use his tablet more than normal.
  56. Laurie Emerson says
    They each have their own "feel yucky" baskets. I fill them with puzzles, books, coloring books and crayons. When they are sick they can play with these or we watch one of their favorite movies together
  57. yup- laying on the sofa and having their coloring books, comic books, sticker books all close by Kathryn C
  58. I usually let them watch TV when they are sick, but this is a neat idea to make up a basket of activities.
  59. Beth Stephens says
    My kids usually lay on the couch and watch tv and sleep when they don't feel good.
  60. Philip Lawrence says
    I do not have a kit but I would ask them for their input as to what should be in one.
  61. Rob Riffe says
    that's a good idea. We don't have a kit, but try to keep ice pops on hand as many times it's the only thing they'll eat/drink when they're really sick. And a new box of crayons always cheers my daughter up
  62. When my daughter is sick I usually give her coloring books, crayons, and I let her play games on her tablet.
  63. Catherine Griffith says
    I like to keep a basket filled with everything from clean blankets (easy to wash in case they get sick on them, I wash these after any sick day). Lots of puzzles, coloring books, and a DVD.
  64. Jenny Moses says
    I don't have a sick day kit but I think as he gets older, I might need one. Right now, popsicles and movies seem to do the trick.
  65. Emily Benzing says
    I always do! I always keep popsicles in the freezer as well as their fav snacks. Tissues, medicine, and blankets are always in stock. Coloring books, their favorite tv shows & other fun activities are always purchased right away. I love taking care of the little ones
  66. Gail Fernandez says
    I don't really put anything together. We usually snuggle in bed or on the couch and read or watch movies and nap.
  67. Seyma Shabbir says
    I love to cuddle and watch cartoon with my sons, I make them juice, soup, sometimes ginger ale.
  68. I usually make a tray up with different foods and drinks...just like my mom did for me!
  69. Books and board games are great to help pass the time!
  70. Leah Shumack says
    The one thing I remember being off from school sick was always watching the Price is Right. I've carried on that tradition with my daughter too! Plus we tend to do her favorite movies or shows on Netflix when she's on the couch all day.

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