Do You Share These Same Thoughts In The Video A Mom Can Dream?


A special thank you goes out to Pfizer for sponsoring this post about the Video A Mom Can Dream and giveaway. Opinions expressed are that of my own.

Uninterrupted bathroom time, picture perfect recipes that match the ones on Pinterest, and a Red Wine Dispenser in your kitchen? (Mine would be getting caught up on my favorite shows on demand) A Mom can dream right?

However, when it comes to your family being under the weather, those wants get put aside and the top priority is making your family better. Just like the parent in the Video A Mom Can Dream, my top priority is the health and comfortably of my children.

Children's Robitussin at Target

Not too long ago I shared a way that could help my kiddos to feel better, as well as information on how to be prepared with products created specifically for children with fevers and colds. Be sure to check out Sick Day Basket Idea for Kids.

In addition Pfizer has resources at their site Sick just got real™ that can also help aid in the treatment of your children.

Sick Day basket for Kids

They not only have a Sick Weather Tracker that that can notify you of common childhood illnesses reported in your area, but they also provide a Sick Sense Relief Finder so they can help recommend a product. Of course this information does not replace the advice of a Medical Doctor.

In addition, they also created a group of Sick Hacks to help make your little one feel better like a Sneeze & Stow Tissue Box, Slip-Free Sick Socks, and Sick Day Dose Tracker.

Do you have any special hacks for your kids to help them feel better or to pass the time when they are sick? 

A Sick Chart for Sick Jut Got REal Pfizer

To learn more about Pfizer Products that can aid in your child’s treatment, visit Sick just got real™. You can also check them out at the Sick just got real.™ Facebook page.

I hope you get a little laugh from the Video A Mom Can Dream, and know that Moms and Dads everywhere are in the same boat when it comes to taking care of a sick little one!

Carlee @ LAAF

Sick Just Got Real Pfizer

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  1. Sandy Klocinski says
    Arrange their food in a smile. If they're having a hard time keeping food down, or the doctor has recommended they stick to bland eats, the least you can do is liven things up a bit. Arrange those dry Cheerios into a smiley face, and throw a paper parasol in that flat ginger ale.
  2. Adrienne Gordon says
    It's a good time to catch up and talk to them.
  3. Amanda Abraham says
    I love the KidScents essential oil line from Young Living.
  4. Ellie Wright says
    My boys love to do puzzle books when they're sick.
  5. Julia Barnes says
    I let them lay on the couch and put on their favorite movie so that they rest.
  6. shelly peterson says
    I just try and make them feel comfortable as possible, give them chicken noodle soup and cuddle with them and watch movies.
  7. Jessica To says
    We usually watch a movie together and take a nap.
  8. Julie Wood says
    I make hot soup, get plenty of good medicine, watch movies or I read books and take a nap together.
  9. Dawn Monroe says
    My grandkids like when I buy them a sticker book and watch their favorite movies.
  10. Steve Weber says
    I give them the remote and they usually are happy
  11. Margaret Smith says
    We have lots of movies that I let the kids rest with pillows, a blanket and watch some movies,
  12. I let them watch their favorite movies when they are sick to keep them entertained
  13. Thomas Murphy says
    We watch movies and get lots of rest.
  14. Chicken soup, lots of rest and hugs :)
  15. I do not.
  16. Melanie Dauterive says
    She's 7mos and just wants extra cuddles when sick
  17. Mary Cloud says
    When my kids are sick they get lots of sleep and honey to help their throats
  18. I don't have any special hacks to help kids feel better or to pass the time when they are sick.
  19. Brittney House says
    My son likes to cuddle with my when he's sick so I make sure to get a good move so we can cuddle up and watch movies.
  20. Cynthia C says
    When my kids were small I tried to distract them from feeling bad by paying card games or watching movies with them.
  21. Lori Walker says
    We read books and watch their favorite movies.
  22. Crystal F says
    I usually give them medicine and then try to get them to lay down and take a nap. The nap may take a way so they usually watch a little tv until they fall asleep. thank you!
  23. Holly C. says
    they love my essential oils, I diffuse in their room to help them sleep
  24. Debbi Wellenstein says
    I make sure they have books to read and DVDs to watch.
  25. Richard Hicks says
    They usually just lay down and watch something good on tv til they get better
  26. A few good movies can help, and comfy pillows and snuggly teddy bears, lots of juice.
  27. Rosanne says
    We do puzzles and book something they can lie down and do.
  28. Peter G says
    I give them meals on a tray in bed. Read to them and give them an extra special dessert when they get better.
  29. heather s says
    watching a movie helps
  30. rich morris says
    lots of popsicles & cuddle time!
  31. Netflix
  32. Watching lot's of movies and story time.
  33. Barbara Montag says
    When the kids are sick we let them watch Netflix. This way they are getting lots of rest and enjoying the time. thank you
  34. Ashley C says
    We usually have chicken noodle soup and watch disney movies :)
  35. Movies and soup. It'll do the trick every time.
  36. When my kids are sick I spoil them.
  37. Denise S says
    My kids lay in bed and watch TV when they're sick.
  38. Jen Reed says
    We spend a lot of time in front of movies when they are feeling ill to keep their mind busy. Plus popsicles to keep them hydrated.
  39. Natalie says
    When my daughter is sick I have her keep a water bottle nearby and reward her if she drinks/fills it up at least 5 times when she is sick. It is important to push the fluids.
  40. Bridgett Wilbur says
    Lots of fluids, a warm blanket and cartoon network.
  41. HS kraftmaking says
    Hot chicken noodle soup with cartoon can always comfort them.
  42. No kids. I always like lots of sleep and hot tea. Thanks for the contest.
  43. katie k says
    When they're sick, I make sure to throw blankets in the dryer to warm them up when they are having chills
  44. Kyl Neusch says
    have lots of sleep
  45. I don't have any special tricks.. just rest.
  46. I always spoil them to make them feel better, lots of sleep, good movies, food in bed
  47. Lisa Brown says
    I don't have any special tricks, just let them watch TV, I read to them, play music.
  48. Janet W. says
    We don't have any special hacks, I just make them a "bed" on the sofa with their pillow and blanket so they can get some rest.
  49. Elizabeth J. says
    I always put on a fun movie for my kids when they are sick.
  50. Heather Hayes Panjon says
    I Don't Have Any Special Hacks, Just Make Them Feel As Comfortable As Possible.
  51. Breanna Pollard says
    Putting a movie on an lots of love and cuddles.
  52. I don't have hacks, just let them pick a comfy spot, watch movies, rest and have a bucket in case they have to vomit.
  53. Erica B. says
    We just cuddle and watch movies.
  54. Jennifer Dunaway says
    When the kids are sick we watch movies and cuddle.
  55. Popsicles are good for hydration and bringing down a fever. Kids find them hard to refuse even when they are feeling lousy.
  56. Janine H says
    I have a special medicine spoon that sings to them!
  57. susan smoaks says
    i just try to keep them distracted so they don't think about it.
  58. Crystal Sell says
    We watch a movie together or I read them some books. Give them a warm beverage.
  59. Daniel M says
    usually watch a movie
  60. Janice Cooper says
    Watch favorite cartoons
  61. Stephanie Larison says
    I let them watch their fave shows when they're sick.
  62. Help them get rest and play games to help pass time
  63. Susan Christy says
    Let them lay on the couch and watch TV
  64. Sarah Hayes says
    I give my daughter elderberry syrup and we watch movies! best way to get through it
  65. Susan Smith says
    We usually watch a movie together in my bed and then fall asleep.
  66. Peggy Rydzewski says
    I stress that sleep is what helps to feel better.
  67. Carolyn Daley says
    The best thing to do is stay hydrated with plenty of water, eat warm soup or slurp broth, lay down, watch TV, and get plenty of rest.
  68. Christina G. says
    I always give my daughter soda when she's feeling sick. It seems to help the tummy. Thanks for the giveaway!
  69. We play board games.
  70. Laurie Emerson says
    We play card games they enjoy as well as watching their favorite Disney movies together.

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