Tips To Teach Young Adults About Laundry Care!


A special thank you goes out to BIZ STAIN & ODOR ELIMINATOR for sponsoring this post about Tips To Teach Young Adults About Laundry Care. Opinions expressed are that of my own.

Tips To Teach Young Adults About Laundry Care!

Pretty soon parents across the country are going to be seeing their children now Young Adults either off to college, to live on their own in an apartment, or transitioning to independence while still living at home.

A great piece of advice to pass onto these newly independent individuals, is how to maintain their clothes. Sharing knowledge about Laundry Care can save them money, as well as help them look their best as they set off in the world.

Laundry Essentials to remove stains

I have been introducing my kids to this responsibility for a while, and hope that by the time they are grown that I have passed on the best information.

Looking back at my own youth, I started to think of some of the mistakes I made with my own laundry. Plus to show how to keep within a budget, I also visited the local dollar store to pick up a few items that would be perfect for a dorm or small apartment like: basket, bucket, over the door hooks, hangers, lint brush, and mesh laundry bag.

Laundry Essentials

After reflecting on all these ideas, I put together Tips To Teach Young Adults About Laundry Care!

– Treat stains as soon or as quickly as possible. I did this recently with a coffee stain and treated it with BIZ STAIN & ODOR ELIMINATOR . Imagine how many college bound kids spill their drinks burning the midnight oil for exams. Well I am happy to say the stain came out.

– Hang Towels up and squeeze out wash clothes to hang dry after use. This will help prevent sour smell, mildew, and the spots caused by it, while they wait to be washed.

– Check pockets for items before they enter the wash. This can save laundry from pen ink or inconvenience of missing a much needed receipt or cell phone.

Treating a coffee stain with Biz

– Separate colors from whites, and check again. (Personally I am terrible about this, but it only takes 1 red sock to turn an entire load pink)

– If you have undergarments, place them into a mesh bag. This will help avoid tangles in the wash. Plus this also comes in handy to keep socks together.

– Soak dingy socks in a bucket to help brighten whites. Adding a capful of BIZ STAIN & ODOR ELIMINATOR to a bucket of water, and then adding in dingy items is a great option. Biz has a great scent, and I usually soak items for a couple hours. Then wash with regular detergent.

Coffee Stain pretreated by Biz and now removed

BIZ STAIN & ODOR ELIMINATOR IS FULLY FORMULATED TO HANDLE ALL 4 TYPES OF STAINS including Protein Based, Ink-Dye Based, Dullness, and Granular Based. Simply add it along with your regular laundry detergent or use it to pre-treat.

Have you used BIZ STAIN & ODOR ELIMINATOR before? Any additional advice you have for young adults and Laundry Care?

BIZ Stain Fighter

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  1. Denise Sachs says
    I've never used this before, but I'd love to try it.
  2. Cynthia C says
    I haven't tried the stain remover yet, but I've used Biz powder and love it.
  3. I have not used this before, but I'd like to.
  4. Kobi Hensley says
    I use stain removers but not this one before. My laundry advise is always to wash whites separately so they stay white.
  5. Mary Cloud says
    I've never tried this before. My only advice is try to tackle a stain soon and don't let it set in for long.
  6. Richard Hicks says
    I have not used it but want to try it. My advice is separate colors before a wash
  7. I haven't tried Biz stain remover before. My only tip is one of yours - to treat stains as soon as you notice them!
  8. Brittney House says
    I have not used it before, but I would love to. My tip is to make sure to separate colors and pre-treat.
  9. I have used Biz off and on for years. I used all the tips in teaching my daughters to do laundry, and as far as I know, that did become part of their standard washing and drying technique. However, I have been in the position of seeing how my grandchildren do THEIR laundry, and they just don't seem to care about separating/soaking/pre-treating! I admit that it makes me grit my teeth!
  10. I have not tried BIZ Stain Remover before but would love to. My tip is to separate dark colors from whites before washing.
  11. Michelle H. says
    I don't think I have tried Biz. My tip is to use the better detergents because you aren't saving money if you have to wash and rewash to get the laundry clean.
  12. Ryan Spencer says
    I haven't tried Biz before but I am excited to now because it sounds like it will really get my family's clothes clean. My tip is to do a full load of laundry each time and you don't have to overuse the detergent.
  13. Erica B. says
    I've never used it but I'd like to try it.
  14. susan smoaks says
    i haven't ever used this before but it would come in handy.
  15. Jennifer Reed says
    I have not used BIZ Stain Remover before. My advice for laundry is to stay on top of it and not get behind. That is when you are more likely to take shortcuts and not get the clean you want.
  16. I have never tried this before, but oh would be so helpful! I have such a hard time with some stains, and today was one of those days I was trying to get a few stains out. My if you get a stain...treat right away and wash. Do not put in the dryer until the stain is out.
  17. Robyn Rife says
    I would LOVE LOVE to try it out!! It would be Awesome to use on my husbands stinky cloths and to help make it easier to track my girls how to do laundry!!! They wouldn't have to worry about treating with another product for stains!!
  18. Laurie Emerson says
    I have not used it before. My advice for laundry is to always check twice to make sure the whites are separated.

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