World’s Greatest Dad Trophy Craft for Father’s Day!


Worlds Greatest Dad Father's Day Craft

Is your family trying to figure out what to get the special Dad in their lives for Father’s Day? If so, I have a gift that is unique and will come straight from your child’s heart.

Because this holiday falls in the summertime you may or may not have the benefit of artwork from school, so this World’s Greatest Dad Trophy craft is a great and fun solution!

Worlds Greatest Dad Father's Day Craft Supplies

To recreate the World’s Greatest Dad Trophy you will need the following:

  • 9×12 Black, Yellow, Brown, and Red Construction Paper
  • 9×12 Orange Clasp Envelope
  • 4×6 Index Card
  • Pencil
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Crayons
  • Optional: Glitter Glue and Paint Brush

Most of these items are available at your local Dollar Tree.

Worlds Greatest Dad Craft


To get started with the World’s Greatest Dad Trophy, first have your child cut out brown construction paper at least long enough to fit an index card, this is around 4 1/2 inches.

My kids and I actually used the edge of another piece of construction paper to trace a straight line.

Worlds Greatest Dad Father's Day Craft Trophy

Next, glue the brown piece to the bottom of the black construction paper to create the base of the trophy. For a smoother application and better coverage, have your child spread out the glue with a small paint brush. This is a fun way to apply it and also great for hand eye coordination.

Then, fold the yellow piece of construction paper in half and trace out one side of a goblet shape.Cut this out and glue it above the brown construction paper again using the brush to smooth it out. Do the same for the handles.

Worlds Greatest Dad Father's Day Craft Card

With a pencil have you child write out on an index card: “You are the World’s Greatest Dad because:” followed by a list of positive messages about their Father.

I recommend using a pencil because it avoids frustrations since it can be erased. Once complete, glue the note card on top of the brown construction paper.

Worlds Greatest Dad Father's Day Craft and Activity

To finish the trophy, allow the glue to dry and then with a black crayon label it with World’s Greatest Dad. Optional: Line the edges of the trophy with Glitter Glue and allow it to dry overnight. 

Finally to complete the craft, decorate the envelope by addressing it with “Special Delivery for the World’s Greatest Dad”. Then make a heart stamp out of the red construction paper and glue it in the corner.

Worlds Greatest Dad Father's Day Craft envelope

You can then insert the World’s Greatest Dad Trophy inside to be hand delivered.

I just love the creativity put into making this present for their Father. I hope your family enjoys making this fun craft as well and Happy Father’s Day!

Carlee @ LAAF

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