The Thankful Turkey Craft! A Way To Teach and Reflect This Thanksgiving!


Thankful Turkey

Now that the holidays are steadily approaching and the year is coming to a close, this becomes a time for my family to reflect on all the many blessings and wonderful opportunities that we have had throughout the year.

This is not only a wonderful teaching opportunity for kids, but great for the adults as well.  Now of course this doesn’t have to be a serious task to share these feelings, so I turned this idea into a fun craft for my kiddos called the Thankful Turkey.

What you need to make the Thankful Turkey

If you are interested in recreating the Thankful Turkey Craft, here is what you will need:

– Pieces of Construction Paper including Brown, Red, Blue, Green, Purple, Orange and Yellow

– Scissors

– A pair of Googly Eyes

– Pencil

– Marker

– Bowl

– Cup

– Glue or Glue Stick (I personally prefer the Glue Stick)

FYI, this activity is also a great way to reinforce shapes, colors, and hand eye coordination.

Pretracing the parts of the Thankful Turkey

To get started, I first used a bowl to trace a circle that would be the body of the Turkey from the brown construction paper. Then I used a cup on the orange paper to make the face.

Next, I cut out an oval shape for the feathers and used it as a template to make the others. From there, I cut out a beak and feet from the yellow, wings in the shape of a house from the orange, and wattle from the red paper.

Thankful Turkey feather

I then handed over the traced shapes to my 6 year old daughter so she could cut them out. Once finished, we discussed what she was thankful for and I then instructed her to label the feathers with the various people, animal, and/or items.

Depending upon your child’s age they may need less or more assistance with tracing, cutting out the shapes, or writing on the feathers.

Cutting out the Thankful Turkey

My oldest son who is 9 was able to do this with little instruction, and they both finished their creations by gluing the parts together.

As a family we made a few of these turkeys, and I proceeded to display them predominantly near our front door. I enjoyed reading what my kids were thankful for like school, home, our dog, and my son even mentioned football.

Glueing on parts if the Turkey

Do you make a similar craft with your family? What activities do you do in order to share how thankful you are?

Our family was a label on their Turkeys, which of course made me feel pretty great and very THANKFUL.

I hope you enjoy this craft and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Carlee @ LAAF


  1. That is adorable!! What a great way to bring up discussion at the dinner table. What we are thankful for this year, changes we can make for next year in ways to help... I love it!

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