Photos of Nature in Robinson Preserve Bradenton Florida!


Sun Flowers in Robinson Preserve

On a recent trip in South Florida, I took these photos of Robinson Preserve Bradenton Florida! If you are ever near or around Tampa, St. Petersburg, Anna Maria Island, or Sarasota Florida, be sure to visit this FREE Natural Attraction.

There you will find nature trails, covered shelter, beautiful foliage, along with wildlife. You can bring a kayak or make arrangements to rent one as well, there are also educational programs available. The photos below give just a small snap shot of what it has to offer.

Nature Walk in Robinson Preserve

Batches of Sunflowers in Robinson Preserve

Wild Grasses in Robinson Preserve

Sea Grapes at Robinson Preserve

Shade and shelter at Robinson Preserve

Exercise boards at Robinson Preserve

Wild flowers at Robinson Preserve

Osprey at Robinson Preserve

Purple Flower at Robinson Preserve

Osprey perching on a dead tree at Robinson Preserve

To learn more about beautiful location visit Robinson Preserve, or check them out on Facebook at

Carlee at LAAF


  1. As a travel blogger, I love reading and bookmarking posts of places I'd like to go. This will definitely be saved! Thank you for sharing.
  2. What a beautiful place! We love to go hiking and exploring as a family, and this would be a perfect destination. Love all the flora and fauna - and what a great shot of that bird!
  3. those are some nice photos. it looks like you had a great time.
  4. Beautiful photos! I live on the Oregon coast and am kinda surprised how similar the scenery is here. We even have an Osprey nest just up the road. :)
  5. Very beautiful photos. I often think about being a travel blogger b/c of places like this that I would love to see. We as a family love to travel. We will be going that way in May!!

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