Visit to the Geneva Wilderness Area and Ed Yarborough Nature Center!


A special thank you to Visit Seminole for providing me access to experience the Geneva Wilderness Area and Ed Yarborough Nature Center near Orlando. 

Visit to the Geneva Wilderness Area

If you appreciate the outdoors or just want to get a little closer to old Florida, then it is time to pay a visit to the Geneva Wilderness Area and Ed Yarborough Nature Center located in Seminole County.

I was recently introduced to this beautiful location as part of a Media event about traveling and outdoor activities in the Orlando area.

Ed Yarborough Nature Center Seminole County Florida

Upon arrival, I got to hear a presentation from the local Seminole County representatives and preservationists at the Ed Yarborough Nature Center.

This complex hosts environmental education and outreach for schools, private and public programs, and is also available for for meetings via reservations.

Holding a pine Snake at the Geneva Wilderness Area and the Ed Yarborough Nature Center

While viewing a power point, we learned about the green space in the county and the types of animals and plants that reside in the surrounding wilderness.

After that we got hands on with a few snakes (Yes I am holding a Pine Snake.) and also played a game of “Guess the Animal Skull” using scientific deduction. The children and adults alike enjoyed these sessions.

Geneva Wilderness Area 7

The Geneva Wilderness Area is a 180 acre site that contains an array of native Florida plant communities.

In this natural setting, there are Mixed Hardwood Swamp and Mesic Flatwoods, Scrubby Flatwoods and a lake system, all supporting an equally diverse collection of wildlife.

Geneva Wilderness Area 8

In addition, a hike through these habitats can reward visitors with sighting gopher tortoise, white-tailed deer, wild turkey, grey fox, sandhill cranes, and other wading birds.

Source of information from the Geneva Wilderness Area and Ed Yarborough Nature Center.

Geneva Wilderness Area 9

After our presentation, we were then guided into the woods. I came prepared with long pants and closed toed shoes.

There in the forest, we saw controlled burned areas, young pines coming up through standing rain water, and the various areas set up for those camping overnight on the grounds.

Geneva Wilderness Area 10

As we walked I saw deer tracks, as well as beautiful scenes in nature.

Some included components from man, and others were just natural occurrences of beauty like an accidental arch way, blue skies, and tall trees.

Geneva Wilderness Area 11

During our stroll, I was also educated on the Florida myth about Spanish Moss (no it is not invasive and is a natural occurring species) and got to smell a wild mint plant that grows in the area.

I also saw how certain beetles living on prickly-pear cactus produce a pink dye when smashed. That was pretty cool!

Geneva Wilderness Area 12

This was such a great learning opportunity, and I was impressed with the conservation efforts being set forth so future generations can enjoy this piece of wilderness in Florida.

To learn more about the Geneva Wilderness Area and Ed Yarborough Nature Center visit the website at You can also call 407-349-0959 for more information about educational opportunities.

Carlee @ LAAF

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