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A special thank you goes out to Brillo for sending my family the Brillo Sweep & Mop along with refills for my family to test out and review. They are also sponsoring this giveaway, and opinions expressed in this post are that of my own.

Brillo Sweep & Mop with cleaning Pads

So I have a confession to make, my floors get dirtyBetween 5 people and the foot traffic that comes with the group, the dust created from skin cells, and the hair that falls off of those human bodies, well it is a constant battle.

Thankfully there are tools out there created to help aid in this war against dirt, and one of those innovations is the Brillo Sweep & Mop.

Attaching pad to the Brillo Sweep & Mop

I am already a fan of Brillo’s Sponges for dish cleanup, so I was excited to see another product created with convenience in mind. The Brillo Sweep & Mop is made to handle 2 jobs and is ready to be put to work with disposable wet and dry pads.

Assembly was easy by simply placing the handle into the top. To get started, I laid the rough surface bottom of the Brillo Sweep & Mop on top of a pad and it attached to it.

Brillo Sweep & Mop using Sweeping Pad

If you are using a Dry Pad with the Brillo Sweep & Mop, just glide it across the surface in back and forth motion to pick up dirt, small crumbs, and hair. It really is easy to navigate and gets up close to walls and door ways and under tables and chairs with the 360 rotation.

When using it as a mop I suggest first Sweeping with a dry pad, and then grabbing either a package of Wet Pads or Deep Clean Refills made with Estracell.

Brillo Sweep and Mop Wet Pads

For smaller areas or quick clean up, I suggest using the Lemon Scented Wet Pads. First remove the plastic cover and film, then open the package up and lay the Brillo Sweep & Mop on top of the Sponge Pad (Then replace the plastic cover to keep them moist for future use).

You can start moping immediately and one pad will cover a decent size room. Definitely take your time moving the mop over a rougher surface.

Brillo Sweep & Mop using Deep Cleaning Sponge

For a tougher job and larger surface, Brillo suggests using the Deep Clean Sponge. First fill a bucket with warm water, add cleanser and use that to wet the mop.

I recommend watching this video for the most effective way to use this product.

To fit it into the bucket, push the blue handle down. To ring out the sponge, place the Brillo Sweep & Mop over the bucket and push the blue handle down again.

You would then repeat this process to wet it again. As you can see, these sponges do a great job of picking up all the dirt and hair I was complaining about.

Brillo Sweep & Mop being used as a mop

Plus based on my experience the Brillo Sweep & Mop Wet Pads and Deep Clean Sponges are gentle on multiple surfaces such as laminate, sealed wood, tile, and even slate.

It did an excellent job in removing sticky spots off of my kitchen floor from drinks that had been spilled while making their way to the sink.

Any tips or hacks for making floor cleaning easier around your home? 
Before and after with the Brillo Sweep & Mop

Want to learn more about the Brillo Sweep & Mop? Be sure to visit their site at Look for this product at your favorite retailers starting at $19.99 with refill starting at $5.49.

You can also find out about new product innovations and updates at and

I hope you find this cleaning tool helpful, and have fun tackling your own messes!

Carlee @ LAAF

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  1. Alyce Poalillo says
    All I can say is to keep up with the messes especially if you have small children or pets. The smaller and fresher the mess the easier it is to clean up.
  2. Julia Barnes says
    I vacuum the floor before I sweep to make sure I get everything.
  3. I focus on a different room each week!
  4. elizabeth p says
    I use vinegar on everything. Thanks for the chance.
  5. Wearing slippers or socks indoors keeps floors cleaner.
  6. Amy Pratt says
    I keep a towel by the back door to wipe the dogs feet when they come in from the backyard.
  7. Do not wear shoes inside the house!
  8. just clean your floors weekly
  9. elizabeth miller says
    I vacume, then sweep. Then on a daily basis, I take a wet wipe and attach any spill spots. Then when it comes time to mop, it's pretty straight forward.
  10. clean your floors weekly
  11. Linda Bradshaw says
    I do not have any tips except maybe to clean them regularly. I am actually seeking out some tips!
  12. Christina Sparks says
    I vacuum it, then I sweep it with a broom and then I mop it. We have two dogs that shed a lot.
  13. I try to wipe up small spills or dirt when I see it so the floor cleaning isnt overwhelming. Thank you!
  14. Cheryl B says
    I don't have any useful tips. But I try to clean my floors2-3 times a week.
  15. Jessica To says
    We take our shoes off at the door and try to catch spills fast.
  16. Jen Reed says
    One tip or hack for making floor cleaning easier around your home is to keep shoes off in the house.
  17. Brittney House says
    I try to clean them at least once a weeks so it doesn't accumulate dirt and dust.
  18. Ashley C says
    We have dogs so we have a lot of hair. We have all wood floors, but sometimes I vacuum before mopping instead of sweeping because I can get the hair balls out of the corners and off the sides better with sucker attachment.
  19. shelly peterson says
    I don't really have any tips to give. thanks for the giveaway.
  20. Taylor Closet says
    I usually mop daily to keep our house clean, have three boys.
  21. kelly tupick says
    i keep a rag behind the basement door for help with small spills, keeps the mop cleaner that way.
  22. Heather Hayes Panjon says
    My Tip Is To Clean The Floor Daily, It Really Makes It Easier.
  23. My tip is to get the kids to help with a lightweight mop, broom or sweeper vac.
  24. Susan Christy says
    Don't have pets! :) It would be a lot easier to clean the floors if they weren't covered in dog hair!!!
  25. Charity Cram says
    Cleaning up the messes as they happen makes it easier, so nothing gets ground in. Thank you for the chance to win!
  26. Monique Rizzo says
    I use a Swiffer because it is so quick and easy. Thank you for the chance.
  27. Jeanne Coulombe says
    I use vinegar and water to clean my floors works great and for a quick clean and shine I spray winded and use a microfiber cloth to wipe up
  28. Allison Swain says
    We don't wear shoes inside the house Thanks for the chance to win this!
  29. Leigh Anne Borders says
    I do not know if we have any great tips or not but we don't wear shoes inside and we sweep daily to try to help cut down on the amount of debris.
  30. It helps if your furniture is easily moveable, so that you can get into/around it--an amazing amount can build up behind pieces that you cannot move or get around.
  31. Michelle Robbins says
    Taking our shoes off at the door help and trying to train the dogs to let me wipe their paws when they come in.
  32. Clean your floors weekly
  33. Dawn Monroe says
    I don't know any tips and that may be why I hate it.
  34. Sarah Hall says
    We usually drop our shoes at the door or in the mudroom to keep the floors from getting to much outside dirt.
  35. Taking the shoes off at the door is my tip.
  36. Tabathia B says
    Sometimes I add bleach to my floor cleaner
  37. Stephanie Liske says
    Clean it often so it's not so hard to clean.
  38. That's a hard one....take off shoes at the door?
  39. Erica B. says
    Just clean often so you don't have to do too many deep cleanings.
  40. susan smoaks says
    keep the floor as clean as possible so that it doesn't get too overwhelming.
  41. Jaime Cummings says
    I use a cleaning toothbrush to scrub stained or dirty grout.
  42. Stephanie Larison says
    Don't wear shoes while in the house to minimize the dirt.
  43. I vacuum the floor before I mop.
  44. Good entry mats help trap a lot of dirt from entering.
  45. EMMA L HORTON says
  46. I don't wear shoes inside the house.
  47. Laurie Emerson says
    I leave a mat inside and outside of our front door. This way they wipe their shoes and track very little inside which have to be mopped up.
  48. My tip would be to make sure you do a deep scrub every week.

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