Getting Up Close To Birds With A Birds-I-View Window Bird Feeder!


Since we have lived in our current home, I have tried to encourage birds to visit our yard.

Thanks to Nature Anywhere sending my family feeders for review, I have brought the birds even closer. Opinions expressed are that of my own.


Now to be realistic, just because you put a feeder out with bird seed doesn’t necessarily mean that it will get visitors. In fact, it may be weeks or more before you even see any feathered friends.

This is exactly what happened to us, but we were patient and persistent with our Nature Anywhere Birds-I-View Window Bird Feeder and eventually got activity.


To give you a little background, we initially put out 2 Birds-I-View Window Bird Feeders on side windows. These premium acrylic feeders are simple to assemble by placing suction cups on the back and adding them to a clean window.

In addition, there is a tray to put the seed in that slides into the feeder. I did this as well as spread seed around the area like the brochure recommended.


After a couple weeks the birds had yet to find them so I then decided to leave one feeder in place and move another to a slightly more secluded area that I had seen birds in.

In a week or so I noticed that a few of the sunflower seeds had been eaten, however I never spotted a visitor.


I then threw out the old seed around the feeder and added new. Again, I never saw a bird, but noticed again that a few of the sunflower seeds were missing.

After thinking about it, I had an idea and asked my hubby to pick up a bird seed mix that primarily had the sunflower seeds.


Again, I tossed out the old seed and filled it up with this new sunflower assortment. Well within 3 days, I heard all kinds of noise and chirping out the window. The kids and I were so excited to see a very interested Male Cardinal.

To my surprise, he has been coming back everyday around 9 to 10 am to visit the Birds-I-View Window Bird Feeder. It did take a little time as well as problem solving on Mom’s part, but as you can see it finally paid off!

Now keep in mind the birds can see you through the window, so if you get too close and move around they will fly off. I had to be sneaky to grab a photo through the sheers and blinds the first time. The next day, I left them both open to grab a clear one.

Want to find out more about owning a Birds-I-View Window Bird Feeder? Visit and look for it at stores nationwide at the recommended retail price of $39.90 or less!

Are you a bird watcher?  How have you successfully attracted birds to your yard?

I hope you find this review helpful as you install your own Birds-I-View Window Bird Feeder.

Carlee @ LAAF

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  1. Lisa Brown says
    i am definitely a bird watcher and love birds, we have bird feeders all around our house to feed and watch them.
  2. Nancy Loring says
    I put peanut butter on my trees and the woodpeckers love it. The squirrels do to but the woodpeckers scare them away.
  3. Sandra Slack says
    I have a conventional bird feeder in my backyard and over this past weekend with snow on the ground, we had at least thirty Cardinals, four Blue Jays and too many Juncos to count.
  4. Those things are so cool. I so wish the birds here in the mountains would use them. The dummies try to fly through our windows, though, so I'd have to be careful where I placed it. :)
  5. I am a bird watcher, but, aside from the rare Hitchcockian invasion, birds really do not visit the yard. Squirrels and bunnies enjoy the birdseed though.
  6. I am a bird watcher. I put up numerous feeders, and sometimes get some pretty interesting varieties of birds. I have a game camera set up so I can get to see them.
  7. I like watching the birds in my yard. I have quite a variety and they are all beautiful.
  8. Michelle Hill says
    I am a bird watcher! We do lots to attract birds to our yard and having a huge farm with lots of trees is a blessing.
  9. Jeanne Coulombe says
    I would love this I feed my birds all year long. Summer and winter you have different birds
  10. I am a bird watcher, I have successfully attracted birds to our yard, with feeders.
  11. OH my goodness!!! I would love one of these, it would be so fun for the kids and I! I have the best memories of my grandparents and their birdfeeders right against a large window. It was so fun to sit and watch the birds
  12. This would be cute because we have a ton of birds near our house!
  13. Kim Keithline says
    I love birds I have all kinds that come to my yard
  14. Tonya Flores says
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Birds, I have all kinds of different types of feeders but not one like this. great giveaway !!!
  15. We live in a newer subdivision so it's nice to see the trees maturing and birds finally hanging around
  16. Tracy Shafer says
    We do get a few..and lots of hummingbirds.
  17. beth shepherd says
    I love to watch birds. We live in the country and love to see them and feed them!
  18. aaron reck says
    I love birds and enjoy all the cardinals.
  19. I am not a avid bird watcher but I do like to look at them sometimes. We attract cardinals
  20. Julia Barnes says
    I don't usually bird watch but if I had a nifty feeder like this, I would start!
  21. Emily Morelli says
    We are very casual bird watchers. We love to see them in our lilac trees and put seed out in feeders to attract them to our window.
  22. No, but my dad is, and that's who I'm hoping to win this for! :)
  23. Sonya Morris says
    I am not really a bird watcher but my grandmother loves feeding and watching them!
  24. Brittney House says
    I love going for hikes and watching wildlife, including birds. I don't have a bird feeder but I would love to have one.
  25. amy pugmire says
    MY kids and I love love love watching birds. we usually have a nest or two on our front porch every year.
  26. We have a bird feeder and hummingbird feeder out away from the house and we a lot of birds! It would be so fun to have one like this.
  27. Mary Cloud says
    I watch birds at my Grandma's but I don't try to encourage them to come to my yard because I have three cats
  28. I am a bird watcher, I have numerous bird feeders in my yard!
  29. My daughter loves birds..this would be great for her.
  30. As a long distance backpacker, I get to enjoy birds in their natural habitat and I love it. Would be great to have the glass home to show my granddaughter.
  31. Amber Warfield says
    I love bird watching. We have a bird watching area in our backyard with two different kinds of feeders. One for traditional mixed food and one for thistle.
  32. susan smoaks says
    i love to watch birds. nature is my favorite.
  33. I put out lots of bird feeders and bird houses for the birds.
  34. Paula Michele Hafner says
    We like to watch birds. I accidentally attracted a male bald eagle this week. I have chickens. We had to put up nets over their pen after we caught an Osprey land on the pen. One of the nets had came down during the snow the other week and we hadn't fixed it yet. Thankfully, i was able to run out and keep my chickens safe. The crows alerted me with all their squawking and screeching!
  35. Lorena Keech says
    I enjoy watching birds but I haven't made any particular effort to attract them.
  36. Susan Biddle says
    I am a bird watcher and have attracted a rainbow of lovely birds to my yard in Pennsylvania!
  37. Richard Hicks says
    We are big bird watchers and have many bird feeders. Love this one~!
  38. Kathy Hanley says
    Yes! I have numerous bird feeders in my yard including hummingbird feeders. I am currently at war with the squirrels who attack and dump the bird seed on a daily basis and eat it.
  39. Vikki Billings says
    I am a bird watcher, I love them they are so beautiful, we have cardinals, blue jays and humming birds in my yard

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