10 Easy Craft Ideas for Kids! Ways To Keep Them Busy Over Vacation!


Easy Craft Ideas for Kids

If you have children at home over the holidays or during summer vacation, then you probably are looking for easy craft ideas for kids to help keep them busy and entertained.

I have complied a list of 10 easy crafts that would be good for children with varying ages. Some I have already completed myself (the slime one is really cool) and others are on my wish list to try with my 3 kiddos .

Of course the best part about these crafts is the opportunity to spend time quality time together as a family. Check out the following 10 Easy Craft Ideas for Kids below:

Homemade Bird Feeder with TP Roll

Crayon Disc Craft

Tissue Paper Mosaics

Make a DIY Place Mat Puzzle Craft

Edible Cereal Bracelets

Paper Plate Clock with Movable Hands

Salt Dough Footprint Heart

Easy Paper Lanterns

Homemade Slime

Cute & Easy Birdhouses

Easy Crafts

What are your “GO TO” crafts for vacation? I would love it if you would share your favorites as well.

Carlee @LAAF


  1. Thanks for adding my craft to your awesome round up! Slime is always a hit here, but the tissue paper mosaics and the craft disc craft look like lots of fun too. I'll have to try them out while the kids are home from school. :)
  2. Sabbiarelli says
    Thanks for sharing!!

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