Tips To Getting Started As A Box Tops For Education Coordinator!


The following is a sponsored post on behalf of Kimberly Clark and Box Tops for Education, opinions expressed are that of my own.

Tips To Getting Started As A Box Tops For Education Coordinator

A few years back, our school had a need for a Box Tops for Education Coordinator and I decided to step up and take on the responsibility. Personally I had already been looking for a volunteer opportunity, and this really spoke to me.

Now to provide a little background on my experience, the person who was handling the position had abruptly left so I had to figure out most of it on my own.

Before you read any further, be sure to check out how to use the NEW Box Tops for Education Program!

Obviously I already knew about Box Tops, and was clipping and sending in what I had to school. However I did not know very much about being a coordinator, so I needed to get organized and set up a plan of action.

It really is a simple way to fundraise for schools and with a good system in place, collections can provide funds to purchase supplies for your organization.

Thankfully the school administrators were open to my ideas and gave me the support and flexibility to try out different things.

Because of my experience (and just in case you are facing something similar), I thought it would be helpful to put together Tips To Getting Started As A Box Tops For Education Coordinator!

Special Box Tops for Education Packaging in cart at Walmart

1. Visit and Sign Up at the Box Tops For Education Website – This is absolutely a must when it comes to being a Box Tops For Education Coordinator. You will start receiving email communication as well as mailers with special promotions and TOOLS for Box Tops for Education COORDINATORS. I received a really cool notebook last year with a Box Tops sorter that helps count out 50 items for each batch.

2. Familiarize Yourself with Participating Products – I started looking at the items I was purchasing to see if they carried the special labeling. My kiddos and husband got into this as well, so they all either grab them or remind me to clip. My daughter immediately recognized the Special Double Box Tops Packaging for Scott 1000 as well as on Kleenex Every Day Tissue with Finding Dory while we were shopping at Walmart (She also convinced me that she needed new sparkly shoes).

Tool for Box Tops for Education Coordnators

3. Make it Fun for the Parents and Kids – Find out what motivates your parents and then use that to encourage participation. My school’s families like to enter to win Raffle Baskets, so depending upon the season I will make an item like a Football theme, Halloween, or even summer time including Box Tops for Education Products. Again, you can find resources at the website such as seasonal sheets which are fun for children to glue on Box Tops and decorate.

4. Don’t do it alone – Encourage parents to fulfill volunteer commitments with sorting and batching Box Tops. Our school requires families to put in so many hours a year, however many find it difficult to do this in person. Box Tops are something that can be completed in the evenings and on the weekends. (FYI, I suggest creating a simple list of instructions to hand out to make this volunteer work easier.)

Getting Started As A Box Tops For Education Coordinator

5. Communication is Key– Utilize your school’s newsletter, website, or Facebook page to communicate special Box Tops for Education Promotions. In addition, create a central location for parents to drop off their items that is clearly marked. My children’s school is also supported by local churches, so I place information in their newsletters as well.

6. Follow Box Tops for Education on Facebook – Want to know what special offers are going on? Or maybe need training on how to use the tools? Head on over to the Box Tops for Education Facebook page to see what is up. For example, for a limited time you can earn Double Box Tops on Kimberly Clark items at Walmart. Look for Special Box Tops for Education Packaging on items like Kleenex, Scott, and Viva.

Earn Double Box Tops on items like Scott, Viva, and Kleenex at Walmart

With the right plan in place you to can ready yourself to have a successful year with Box Tops for Education!

Any tips for Box Tops Coordinators? What has been the most successful for your organization?

I am looking forward to taking our program up a notch, and trying out a Pizza Party Competition this upcoming year.

Carlee @ LAAF

This post was sponsored by Kimberly Clark but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

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