Books for Toddlers – What My Little Guy is Reading in December 2014!


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Books for Toddlers – What My Little Guy is Reading in December 2014!

When school started up in the Fall, I took my youngest son to the Library to set him up his very own Card to check out books for toddlers. It was something special that we could do together and was truly a proud moment for both of us. He helped me make the selection as well and since then he just can’t get a enough of reading.

This past week, I took him up again to pick out 5 books. The major plus for me for this has been the fact that he is pretending to read, which tells me that he really likes them. Some of the ones we picked may not necessarily be on level for his age, but he and I have picked out various components in each book to focus on and of course likes checking out the photos.

FYI, I placed affiliate links to Amazon as a reference and think I these would make excellent gifts or a welcomed additions to any at home library.

Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear? (Brown Bear and Friends) – We checked out the large board book, and my son likes the pictures of the animals. He also enjoys the repetition and asks me what kind of animal it is so he can say, “What Do You Hear?”

Bow-Wow Orders Lunch (Bow-Wow Book: All about Pattern) – My Little Guy’s favorite word, “NO!” is in here. Plus this book has repetition in pictures and words.

Thomas and Friends: Trains, Cranes and Troublesome Trucks (Thomas & Friends) (Beginner Books(R)) – Toddler boy and Trains, enough said. 🙂

Go Stitch Go! Lilo and Stitch First Readers Level 3 (Disney) by Monica Kulling published by Scholastic (2002) [Hardcover] – This has some adventure in it, and Little Man likes hearing the story and seeing them ride a tricycle.

Wee Willie Winkie (Baby Board Books) – I think the photos of young children caught his eye this board book. I also think the recognition of seeing upstairs and downstairs continues to interest my 2-year-old.

So what books are your children reading this week? Can you recall some of their favorites when they were younger?

If you read any of these with your child, enjoy!

Carlee @LAAF


  1. I think it is awesome that you take your LO to the library! I think as soon as my daughter get a little older we will do the same thing. Even at 14 months she "reads" to herself all the time. I grew up loving books and I want the same for her.

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