Banana Pirate Ship Food Craft! A Delicious Hands On Activity!


Pirate Ship Banana Tutorial

Ever since my kids and I saw the preview for PAN, we have eagerly been anticipating the arrival of the film. We have always enjoyed the story of Peter, Princess Tiger Lily, and Captain Hook and are excited to see what twists there are in this production with Hugh Jackman as Blackbeard.

Well the wait is almost over for the movie, and this past week my children and I built a food craft called a Banana Pirate Ship to celebrate.

What you will need to make a Pirate Ship Banana

If you would like to recreate this Banana Pirate Ship, this is what you will need:

FYI, parental supervision is required for small children, and parents will need to make the cuts with the knife and possibly the scissors.

1 Banana

8-10 Medium to Large Strawberries

A Handful of Blueberries

3-4 Raspberries

2 Tootsie Rolls

2 Plastic Straws

2 1 X Pirate Flag Picks

2 Toothpicks



Blue Paper Plate

(My kiddos and I researched pirate ships to make sure we got plenty of the parts)

Pirate Ship Banana Slice


Parents: First place 2 Toothpicks through the bottom of the banana to stand it up. Then cut an oval shape out of the skin of the banana in the middle.

Parts of a Pirate Ship Banana

Then cut out a small section of the banana to fit 2 Tootsie Rolls (these are the cannons).

Next, cut the strawberries in half (these will be the sails) and cut the straws to 2 different lengths (the masts).

Making a Banana Pirate Ship

Finally, give your children the banana on a blue plate along with the pirate flags, 2 tootsie rolls, cut strawberries, straws, blueberries (cannonballs), and raspberries (crows nest).

Pirate toothpick flag

Then, let them create their very own Banana Pirate Ship.

Tip: If you are concerned about the pointed ends on the tooth picks or flags, simple cut the ends off.  Plus be sure to remove all pointed objects before they eat their creations. 

Banana Pirate Ship Canons made from Tootsie Rolls

What other crafts have you made with fruit? Have you ever made a Banana Pirate Ship before?

Pirate Ship Banana

I now have a fun food craft that I can do with my kids, and the best part is they can eat healthy fruits after they are finished.

Carlee @ LAAF

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