What We Put In Our Potty Training Rewards Jar and Potty Training Games!


Potty Training Rewards Jar
Are you currently in the process of Potty Training your toddler or preschooler? Well depending upon their age and personality, it may take a different approach to motivate them to use the bathroom.

Thankfully Pull-Ups has Potty Training Rewards and Games as well as other resources to help guide you through this process.

Shopping at Dollar General for Pull-Ups

Plus depending upon your child’s interests, their enthusiasm for certain characters or even toys may be to your advantage when getting them interested in using the toilet.

My son happens to like watching his favorite Disney shows when he uses the bathroom, as well as getting a piece of candy or sticker as a reward.

Dollar General Coupons

We actually took a trip up to Dollar General to purchase him Pull-Ups and to pick out special items for his Potty Training Rewards Jar.

Before your next visit be sure check out the savings and get a $2.00 off Coupon for Pull-Ups.

How Many Pulls Up Can You Find Game

The items we bought for his jar included his choice of candy and stickers from one of his favorite Disney Movies.

However, now he only gets a reward if he tells me that he has to go to the bathroom and he uses it.

Hiding Pull Ups for the How Many Pulls Up Can You Find Game

In addition, we visited the Pull-Ups Website and played the “How Many Pulls Up Can You Find Game.

We hide our own Pull-Ups in the house and used it as a way to reinforce counting, problem solving, and also discussed where the Pull-Ups are stored. (Which is the same place where he goes to the bathroom)

PullUps Potty Training Quiz

Want to know more about your child’s readiness to Potty Train? Be sure to take the  Potty Training Personality Quiz.

My son’s results were a “Bear Cub” and based on those findings, he is pretty much on track for his age and personality.

Pullups Training Pants for Boys

Any potty training tips or fun activities you have found success with?

To learn more about these great Potty Training resources, visit www.pull-ups.com and don’t forget to get your $2.00 off Coupon for Pull-Ups at Dollar General!

Carlee @ LAAF

This post was sponsored by Pull-Ups® and Dollar General but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

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