Learning How To Make Turkey Cookies!


Turkey Cookies

I tend to not make desserts on Thanksgiving because my mom bakes an excellent Pecan Pie and my mother in law is an ace with baked goodies.

However, I want to do something with my daughter in order to form a tradition that is all our own and to contribute to the Family Dinner Festivities. I saw adorable Turkey Cookies at the Pillsbury website and decided we would give them a try.

Pillsbury Products from Winn Dixie

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Winn Dixie Digital Coupon for Pillsbury

My daughter and I shopped to get our supplies (as well as cinnamon buns for breakfast) and together we gave these Turkey Cookies a test run for Thanksgiving. Ours are slightly different from the website, but still just as fun.

To recreate this dessert, you will need Pillsbury Sugar Cookies, candy corn, orange icing, green gel icing and something to make the eyes (we used mini chocolate chips).

What you need to make a Turkey Cookie

To assemble, first I prepared the cookie dough according to the packaging.  Then once the cookies were cooled we began to put them together. FYI, my 6 year old daughter was able to attach everything and only needed assistance with the beak.

First we put a rainbow shape around the outside of the cookie with the green gel icing.

How to make a Cookie Turkey

Next we laid 5 Candy corns across that. I suggest putting the majority of the candy corn on the cookie to secure it. The original recipe called for regular chocolate icing which is thicker and may attach it better.

Then we put 2 dots of green gel icing and placed the mini chocolate chips. To finish I used the orange icing to make a beak. Tip: Because of the details on the beak, I used a toothpick to guide it and remove it from the tube.

Turkey Cookies Made with Candy Corn

Do you make a similar treat for your family for Thanksgiving? What other desserts do you prepare for the holiday season?

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Carlee @ LAAF

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  1. I usually make pumpkin pie for dessert for Thanksgiving dinner. We also enjoy Pillsbury cinnamon rolls while watching the Thanksgiving Parade on tv.
  2. Adrienne Gordon says
    We make oreo balls.
  3. we make sweet potato pie
  4. I am not nearly that creative. I get my deserts from "Grandma Publix"
  5. Leigh Anne Borders says
    I will make a pumpkin cheesecake.
  6. We usually make drop cookies from scratch.
  7. soha molina says
    I make pies.
  8. Pumpkin pies.
  9. Melissa Weiss says
    We love making red velvet chocolate balls!
  10. We make nut rolls.
  11. I make lots of pumpkin cake, pumpkin pie and apple pie.
  12. Ann Fantom says
    No, I make traditional desserts like pumpkin and apple pies
  13. I usually make either chocolate desserts (for me!) or fruit based (for hubby!).
  14. I make pumpkin pie usually, or sweet potato casserole.
  15. I make a sour cherry pie with sweetened sour cream on top.
  16. I make apple pie, pumpkin pie and cheesecake for dessert so everyone has choices.
  17. I am the normal pumpkin pie and my mom makes cherry pies!!
  18. Debbi Wellenstein says
    I always make pumpkin pie and pecan pie for Thanksgiving.
  19. Those cookies are adorable. We usually make sugar cookies and put sprinkles on them. We also make apple pie, pumpkin pie and fudge.
  20. Pecan Pie is a big hit!
  21. PuffyBiggles says
    I've never tried making a similar treat for my family for Thanksgiving. I've only made pumpkin pies for the holiday season so far. Thanks for the giveaway!
  22. shelly peterson says
    I usually make pumpkin pie or pumpkin cheesecake.
  23. We love a classic apple pie.
  24. We make pumpkin pie
  25. Danielle Marie says
    no. i normally make oreo trufles. they are a huge hit!
  26. We have not done anything like this before, but we need to start! Its too cute! We usually have chocolate pie
  27. I'm normally not that dessert creative! We typically make a pecan pie. :)
  28. Tracie Cooper says
    I love to make chocolate chip cheesecake!
  29. Richard Hicks says
    WE always make pumpkin pies for the big feast.
  30. Tanya White says
    we do a ton of cookies, pies, cakes, and brownies.
  31. I usually buy desserts. Too lazy and too tired of cooking to cook or bake
  32. we bake pumpkin cupcakes and pies
  33. We make sugar cookies and pumpkin pies for holiday season.
  34. These cookies are so cute! We usually have pumpkin pie and I make my Mom's chocolate pecan bourbon pie!
  35. Brittney House says
    I love to make homemade creamy cheesecakes for the holidays.
  36. Oh those are so cute! We always make the the cutout cookies with frosting or colored sugars!
  37. These are adorable! I usually make a pumpkin pie!
  38. Thank you for the giveaway. The turkey cookies are sooo adorable! I love to make pumpkin pie for my family.
  39. We usually make pies including apple and pumpkin. kport207 at gmail dot com
  40. We like to make pumpkin cookies.
  41. I always make a pecan pie and a dutch apple pie for Thanksgiving.
  42. These are cute I will try to make these!
  43. Stephanie Liske says
    We love to have/make pumpkin pie. :)
  44. I don't make a similar treat usually but I did find a cookie recipe similar to this one on Pinterest that I'd like to try this year.
  45. We like pumpkin pie.
  46. Alyce Poalillo says
    We have cheesecake, pumpkin pie and brownies on Thanksgiving
  47. tina reynolds says
    We make pumpkin pie and lemon pie
  48. susan smoaks says
    these are adorable, i normally just make sugar cookies and put frosting on them
  49. usually just pumpkin pie
  50. I make pumpkin rolls.
  51. We usually have pies and wait until later in the year for cookie decorating.
  52. I bake fresh pumpkin pie, serve it with whipped cream. I also bake sweet potato and top it with whipped butter and brown sugar.
  53. Carolyn Daley says
    We usually serve pumpkin pie and applie pie for Thanksgiving. We do not bake cookies until the first or second week of December. For Christmas we bake snickerdoodle cookies with red and green sugar mixed in.
  54. I've never made anything like this. We decorate sugar cookies.
  55. Thank You for the giveaway…we tend to make various fruit crisp / crumbles for dessert during the holidays.
  56. Stephanie Larison says
    We do sugar cookies with the kids, and usually a pie.
  57. Amanda Whitley says
    we usually just do pies but i think i might try this now
  58. Pie & ice cream for Thanksgiving desserts. Thanks for the contest.

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