Handmade Garland Christmas Tree! Easy Craft With A Glue Gun!


It is a funny thing to say, but when you get a Glue Gun you suddenly realize all these things that you can create and fix (or at least you attempt it). That is exactly the case when I learned how to make a Garland Christmas Tree.

Handmade Garland Christmas Tree

A few years back I had purchased 2 floral foam cones from a craft store and just knew I was going to make something creative. Well from there they went into a box and remained untouched.

This holiday season I saw Christmas trees at a store and thought, “I bet I could do that with those cones”. So I purchased 50 feet of Garland at The Dollar Tree and pulled my glue gun out of the craft box.

What you need for a Handmade Garland Christmas Tree

To recreate this Craft all you need is the following:

Floral Foam Cone or Cones (3 7/8 in x 8 7/8 in)


Glue Gun


Making a Handmade Garland Christmas Tree


First, heat up your glue gun and then place a dab of glue at the top of the Floral Foam Cone. Next press down the end of the garland. Be careful not to touch the glue because it will be hot.

Then, tightly wrap the garland around the cone pushing the pieces together to conceal the foam underneath. Do this until you reach the end and place another dab of glue. Finish it by putting the other end of the Garland on the glue and cute off the remaining.

Handmade Garland Christmas Tree Tutorial

This craft is that simple to make and really cute. You could use this as a decoration, centerpiece, or even as a form to attach gift cards too. In fact we used these as a table decorations at a recent Tea Party event.

Have you ever made a Garland Tree before? What other ways have you used a glue gun?

Handmade Garland Christmas Tree Craft

I hope you find this Handmade Garland Christmas Tree tutorial useful, and Happy Holidays!

Carlee @ LAAF

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