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CleanPath Refill Pod

Thanks to CleanPath, I was sent their environmentally conscious products to review with my family.

Now the first thing that really got me eager about using CleanPath, is the company’s idea to reuse, eliminate waste, and save money. This concept reminded me of what I was taught as a child to help prevent pollution and what I am wanting to teach my own children.

cleanpath-lineup copy

I also like that there are 3 bottles inside every little refill pod. By using the reusable bottle, consumers pay less than $1 per bottle when they use the pods.

Of course it is a great feeling knowing that you are doing your part in helping the environment, but most people would also want to know if the cleaning products are effective.

Using CleanPath Products

CleanPath products have quick and easy to read directions on the back. I simply removed the seal from the refill pod and twisted it on bottle. I then flipped, squeezed the cleaner to the fill line, and flipped it back. After adding water and twisting it shut, it was ready to use.

The Multi-purpose spray, bathroom cleaner, and hand soap all kill 99.9% of household germs. This is so important for my family since I have two boys running and crawling all over my house.

CleanPath Household Cleaner

I have used the bathroom cleaner on everything from the sink, tub and the toilet. When I first sprayed the CleanPath multi-purpose and bathroom cleaner the smell was powerful, but it does quickly fade away.

In addition, I sprayed down my son’s bath toys and left it on for ten minutes before rising to disinfect. I have used the multi-purpose on my entire kitchen and even my outside tables. The glass cleaner even gave my mirrors a clear and clean shine.

CleanPath and washing hands

The foaming soap is by far my favorite product because it not only fights germs but it also has a fresh smell. This foam is helping my 6 year old son reach every spot on his hands. 

To learn more about CleanPath and it’s products visit You can also check them out on Facebook at, Instagram and Twitter at

What steps do you take to help the environment?

Between the company’s environmental initiatives and their product’s ability to clean,  I will continue to use them and encourage my friends and family to join the CleanPath.

Sarah P.

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  1. Sonya Morris says
    I try to recycle as much as possible and teach my kids the importance of not wasting things.
  2. I would love to find these products!! I used one of the other brands that had the refills, but wasn't very happy with it. This looks like it would be great and available for many different things!!
  3. I recycle and reuse
  4. I found this wonderful trash container that has 3 bins so I separate the cans ,bottles and plastics in it I also bag up all cardboard boxes I have to take our trash to the dump because I live in a rural area but they also have recycle bins so I just put each bag of trash into the right container at the dump
  5. I conserve water and recycle everything possible.
  6. Kathy Hanley says
    I recycle, re-use, compost, conserve water and electricity and anything that I can do to do my part in living green.
  7. chickie brewer says
    I recycle and try not to throw away things I can still use..
  8. we recycle
  9. I try to minimize water and power usage by doing things like only washing with cold water and hanging clothes to air dry!
  10. We recycle aluminum cans. My sister uses a rain barrel which helps a lot.
  11. Neeha agarwal says
    I recycle and not use plastic. I carry a water bottle everywhere and use my own bags to grocery shopping.
  12. kelly tupick says
    I always try to conserve water and electricity and i recycle anything that i can re-use.
  13. soha molina says
    I recycle.
  14. Karen Nadeau says
    I like to recycle and reuse my grocery bags.
  15. I recycle whenever I can.
  16. Susan Christy says
    Recycle everything, produce minimal waste, conserve water, no harsh chemicals.
  17. We recycle everything that we can and donate good instead of throwing them away.
  18. I am a germaphobic & am always cleaning, cleaning, cleaning. Would love to try this product!
  19. I recycle when I can, and also keep a compost pile.
  20. Heather Hayes Panjon says
    I Recycle And Plant A Garden.
  21. We use a lot of reusable containers from Tupperware and try to not use as many plastic bags for lunches and leftover food storage.
  22. Jennifer Reed says
    I recycle and buy recycled products whenever possible.
  23. I have a reusable water bottle, seems small but it saves money and has cut down a bottle a day for many years now it adds up
  24. We recycle.
  25. I'm an avid backpacker and practice leave no trace and to leave places better when I leave. We also recycle.
  26. We limit our use of water bottles and plastic bags as much as possible.
  27. I recycle and bring my own bag to the grocery store.
  28. We use energy efficient light bulbs. Thank you

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