Learning To Ride At The Al-Marah’s Interactive Horse Experience!


A special thank you goes out to Experience Kissimmee and Al-Marah Arabians in Clermont FL for providing us with a complimentary visit as part of the #GoodbyeCrowds #MyKissimmee Event. Opinions expressed are that of my own.

Riding a horse at Al-Marah Arabians Clermont, FL

A few weeks ago I absolutely melted while watching my daughter, I actually shed tears and my only redemption was the fact that I had on sunglasses.

The reason why I did this was because I witnessed my Little Girl riding a horse at the Al-Marah’s Interactive Horse Experience.

Petting Animals at Al-Marah Arabians Clermont, FL

These were definitely tears of happiness from seeing her ride a gorgeous creature, and from the huge smile beaming across her face.

Now this just happened to be one part of our day, since we also got to tour the beautiful property, learn about the breed’s history, as well as meet and greet the location’s inhabitants.

Al-Marah’s Interactive Horse Experience

Our tour first began at the stables and then we headed out into the fields. There I learned the history of the Al-Marah Arabian’s and their owner Mark Miller (known previously for Arabian Nights Dinner Attraction).

My daughter and I then met a painted donkey named Pearl, a sweet pony, and got close to a young foal still living with his mother. We also visited an older foal that was just as curious about us and extremely friendly.

Putting on a horseshoe at Al-Marah Arabians Clermont, FL

Next, we came back to the stables and watched a summer camp learning riding moves and observed a gentleman attaching horse shoes. I could not believe how calm the animal was while this was happening, I’m not sure I would be so tolerant.

Then, we were educated on the various types of horses on the premises and even met the mascot for the University of Central Florida.

Our time there then got hands on when my daughter was able to groom and wash one of the Arabians. In addition, she was given a helmet and instruction on how to lead a horse out of the stables.

This is when she started heading out to the field with a horse named Kismet and she took him all the way to the ring.

Grooming a Horse at Al-Marah Arabians Clermont, FL

Her instructor during the Al-Marah’s Interactive Horse Experience was a gentleman named Zack. He was extremely knowledgeable, patient, and obviously good since my daughter immediately took to riding and was able to start giving her horse instruction.

This of course was the moment that I started crying, it truly was a memorable moment for both of us. FYI regular riding lessons are available at Al-Marah.

Riding a horse Al-Marah Arabians Clermont, FL

After she finished riding, I didn’t think it could get any better but to my daughter’s surprise she got to do one of her favorite things, ART!

This time however, her canvas was the horse she rode.

She was able to decorate from mane to hoof and this was absolutely fine with the horse. He got a makeover and even some highlights with non toxic paints.

After my 9 year old son saw this, he requested me to give HIM this experience for his birthday! 

Painting A Horse at Al-Marah Arabians Clermont, FL

Have you ever participated in an experience like this? What would be your favorite part?

For pricing, and to learn more about the Al-Marah’s Interactive Horse Experience visit al-marah.com.  You can also check them out on Facebook at facebook.com/almaraharabianhorses and Twitter at twitter.com/AlMarahArabians.

This was such a wonderful moment for us both, and I highly recommend the Al-Marah’s Interactive Horse Experience to other families.

Carlee at LAAF


  1. I always wanted a horse, but never had one. They are so beautiful. This sounds like a wonderful experience, I've never heard of it being interactive like this.
  2. My daughter recently told us she wants to learn to ride. There is one place reasonably close - thanks for the reminder, I need to call them!
  3. That is such an amazing experience. I would have loved that as a child and bet my daughter would too. What fun!
  4. Everywhere I go I look for horseback riding adventures. I spent years riding when I was younger and absolutely love horses!
  5. Looks like loads of fun. Your photos are fantastic. I haven't ridden a horse in years.
  6. My niece actually took horse riding lessons for a year and loved it! She got to learn how to ride and how to take care of the horse. She even had a competition and placed 2nd for her first time! It is awesome, and I know my daughter can't wait to take riding lessons herself.
  7. That would be so much fun!! I've never even been able to ride a horse, so I would love to learn how. Looks like she had a fun time! :)
  8. This looks like such an amazing experience! Your daughter looks like a natural - so comfortable around the horses!

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